E-RYT 500 Yoga Instructor



Monique’s has been involved in physical fitness since 2003. As a personal trainer she enjoyed working with people one on one and sought after more knowledge in the Holistic Health Care field.  During one of these training she was introduced to meditation and the ideas of slowing down and the body mind connection.  Finding the practice of Yoga really tied her preferred style of movement, inspired by her years in dance and gymnastics, with her values and beliefs in holistic health. The faster paced lifestyle she previous lead started to come to an end shortly after she was in a car accident that left her with injuries to her spine.

Through the experience of healing these injuries and traumas she realized her passion really was growing towards helping other also regain their body awareness and learn to promote healing within themselves. Taking a special training in Trauma Sensitivity and Somatic Yoga in 2016 expanding her awareness of how stress and unrealistic expectations effect our tissues as deeply as the impact of an accident. Dance and gymnastics allowed her to work through her emotions and express herself as a child to young teen, and as an adult she turned to Yoga for the same release.

Now with over 2000 hours of training education as well as 2500 hours in teaching her own classes and workshops, her session include gentle, somatic mindful movement design to reconnect the brain, body and soul. Its not about the postures, but about what happens in and out of them.


Exploring natural functional movements, with breath awareness and moments of reflection. Monique truly believes in making Yoga accessible for everyone and draws the attention of those struggling with pain of many sorts, providing a safe space for those needing a break away from the overstimulated day to day and allowing you to reconnect to your own intuition and feelings once again. If we can learn to understand ourselves better we can move towards understanding each other better and we begin to open up to Love again. 

Monique trained intensively with the Mandorla Yoga Institute, completing the 500 hour Advanced Integrative Yoga program rich in therapeutic techniques and heavily influence in Chinese and Thai Medicine. She completed up to Level 6 in Thai Massage Therapy with Thai Massage Toronto, and is currently enrolled in PTA/OTA program at Tri-OS.